14 Feb 2021

  • Rewrote object model to load objects more automatically. API is mostly compatible, but there may be some rare uses that may need some adjustment. In particular, access to ‘children’ properties (‘pods’, ‘subpods’, ‘assumptions’, ‘warnings’) are exposed as loaded through their singular names (without transforms or defaults) but exposed as iterable (empty by default) through the plural names.


14 Feb 2021

  • Fixed implementation flaw in Results.details.

  • Test coverage is now 100%.


14 Feb 2021

  • Added Client.from_env() to initialize a client loading the API key from the keyring or environment.

  • #13: Result objects now resolve as False and return empty info and pods attributes when query was unsuccessful.


14 Feb 2021

  • #28: Adapt to support API change from .plainText to .plaintext.

  • Moved usage guide to source and published through the docs and validate the usage with doctests.


01 Dec 2020

  • #26: Fix error when always_iterable recognizes a dict as a list of keys.


17 Nov 2020

  • #21: Adapt to support API change from .text to .plainText.

  • Refreshed package metadata.


08 Feb 2020

  • Require Python 3.6 or later.


04 Mar 2018

  • Refreshed package metadata.


04 Sep 2016

  • Models now parse the results using xmltodict.

  • Changed parameter of Client.query from query to input.

  • Client.query now accepts keyword arguments and parameters passed directly to Wolfram|Alpha as URL parameters.

  • Result.pods and Pod.subpods now returns an iterator and not a list.

  • Pod objects are no longer iterable. To access the subpods of a pod, simply use the Pod.subpod property.

  • Result.tree and Pod.node have been removed.

  • Result now additionally presents the new attributes:
    • assumptions: An iterable of Assumptions.

    • warnings: An iterable of Warnings.

    • info: An iterable combining all Pods, Assumptions, and Warnings.


29 Apr 2016

Automated release process with Travis-CI.

Issue #5: Use HTTPS by default.


10 Mar 2016

Moved hosting to Github.


23 Jan 2016

Add support for images (img attribute on Atom).


18 Jan 2016

pmxbot plugin now requires that the “Wolfram|Alpha API key” config parameter be supplied. The hard-coded key has been removed and will be de-activated. Users must register for their own key at the Wolfram|Alpha developer web site.

Additionally, the tests now no longer bundle a hard-coded API key. Instead, to run the tests, one must supply a WOLFRAMALPHA_API_KEY environment variable.


10 Dec 2015

Add pmxbot module and plugin, superseding pmxbot-wolframalpha package.


24 Nov 2015

Moved hosting to Github.


08 Jun 2014

Rely on six for urllib compatibility.


08 Jun 2014

Added Python 3 compatibility.


03 Oct 2012

Initial release.